Exercise - Mongo Shell Exercise

Remember the Bounty Hunter Exercise from last week? This week you are going to add MongoDB to your app so that the data will be persistent (and not be cleared every time you restart node).

For this exercise, you will be practicing CRUD operations using the Mongo shell. This means you will need to be able to create new bounty objects, read all of them (or a specific one), update the values of a specific bounty, and delete a bounty.

If you need a refresher, here's what the bounty schema (document structure) looks like:

  firstName: String,
  lastName: String,
  living: Boolean,
  bountyAmt: Number,
  type: String // Sith or Jedi


  • Create (save) 5 different records
  • Update 5 different records
  • Run a query by first name for a specific record
  • Run a query by last name for a specific record
  • Delete a record by first name