Rolling Dice with React State

Rolling Dice with React State

Using what you have just learned about state in React, you are going to create a <DiceBox /> component that renders 5 dice numbers for the user to view.

You Must

  1. Create a class component called <DiceBox />
  2. Write a method in that class that produces 5 random numbers between 1 and 6 and saves them in state.
  3. Display the 5 random numbers in your <DiceBox /> JSX.
  4. Provide a button the user can click on that will redo step 2 and present the new numbers to the user.

Take it further (optional extra credit)

  1. Create a <Die /> component that receives a random number as a prop and displays it (rather than just displaying the 5 numbers in the <DiceBox /> JSX).
  2. Allow the user to click on a given <Die /> to select it, and that number will not change until the dice reset (resetting is done in the next step).
  3. Have the dice reset (de-selecting all previously selected die and setting their numbers back to 0) after every 3rd roll.


Consider starting your state off with 5 numbers like this:

class App extends Component {
        this.state = {
            num1: 0,
            num2: 0,
            num3: 0,
            num4: 0,
            num5: 0

With this set up, you then need to write a method that uses this.setState to randomly change the 5 numbers to a number between 1 - 6.
Ex: Math.floor(Math.random() * 6;
From there its all about how you want to display those numbers in your return statement.


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