Career Preparation Homework

Ongoing assignments:

  • 2 tweets per week
  • add each weekly presenter to LinkedIn and send personalized invite to connect thanking him or her for the presentation.

Career Prep Presentations

Week 1 - Networking/Search & Apply

  • Updated LinkedIn and Resume with V School info.
  • Create list of 15 companies you are interested in working for and contacts to those companies (This list will be reviewed at first placement interview).
  • Watch presentation: “Looking for jobs: How to Find Companies and People”

Week 2 - Portfolio & Github commits/README files

  • Networking at AngularJS meetup (14) - come back with three contacts made
  • Research each of companies found at meetup and add each contact to LinkedIn with personalized note asking to connect
  • Reading:
    The Key to Success: Grit, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Watch presentation: “What is a portfolio?”
  • Set up meetup account profile and add tech interests. Join groups such as Software Craftsmanship, AngularJS, Node.js Ninjas, Girl Develop It. Be sure to modify email updates to learn about new meetups.

Week 3 - Social Media

  • ReadMe files updated on github for portfolio
  • Watch presentation: “Using Social Media”

Week 4 - Elevator Pitch

  • Create elevator pitch, and twitter elevator pitch (140 characters):
    1. One formal
    2. One casual
    3. One for Twitter (140 characters)
  • Watch presentation: “What is an Elevator Pitch”
  • Connected to all presenters from first 4 weeks and co-interns, V School employees (at least 5), plus 5 Open West Contacts
  • Updated LinkedIn with info with completed projects

Week 5 - LinkedIn

  • First rough draft for portfolio finished
  • Watch presentation: “Powering Your LinkedIn & Following-Up”

Week 6 - Resumes (pdf, no objective)

  • Field Trip
  • Updated Resume with info on completed projects
  • Watch presentation: “What Makes A Great Resume”

Week 7 - Cover Letters

  • Updated Cover Letter for sample job at Verisage
  • Watch presentation: “What Makes A Great Cover Letter”

Week 8 - Interviews and Technical Interviews

  • Applications submitted for 5 jobs (can be field trip companies)
  • Watch presentation: “Preparing for Meetings and Interviews”

Week 9 - Rejection and Working with Recruiters

  • Watch Presentation: “Recruiters and Rebounding”
  • Time scheduled this week or next with preferred recruiter to look over portfolio, LinkedIn, resumes and learn about opportunities in area.

Week 10 - Job Offer & Negotiation

  • Tweaks to Portfolio, LinkedIn, Social Media and Resumes
    Applications submitted for 5 internships or jobs
  • Watch presentation: “Job Offers and Expectations”

Week 11 - Job Applications & Role Plays

  • Applications submitted for 5 internships or jobs
  • Watch presentation: “Freelancing and Volunteer Work: Getting Your Name Out There”

Week 12 - Demo Night Prep

  • Applications submitted for 5 internships or jobs
  • Watch presentations: “Graduating! Now what?” and “Ongoing Support: Expectations from Us”