Caeser Cipher

right shift

In cryptography, a Caesar cipher, also known as Caesar's cipher, the shift cipher, Caesar's code or Caesar shift, is one of the simplest and most widely known encryption techniques. It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet." -Wikipedia

For this exercise, you will be implementing a Caeser cipher using Javascript. Your program will receive two inputs:

  1. The text to be encoded
  2. The number positions to shift each letter (to the right)

For example:
cipher example

You only have to shift letters that are part of the 26-letter alphabet. Any other characters (such as spaces) should be printed as they were received. The shift value will always be on the interval [0, 26].

Here is some code to get you started:

From terminal:

# cd into your caesar-cipher folder first, then run:
npm install readline-sync

In your code:

var readline = require('readline-sync');
var input = readline.question('What phrase would you like to encrypt? ').toLowerCase();
var shift = parseInt(readline.question('How many letters would you like to shift? '));