Terminal Practice

Terminal Practice

In this exercise you will be using most common terminal commands that you'll need in order to succeed in this class. The things you can do in the terminal are virtually endless, but we just want to focus on the most commonly used and basic.

Every task in this assignment requires you to use only the terminal. No cheating and using Finder, Windows Explorer, VS Code, etc.!

Before you Begin

Create and cd into a directory called terminal-practice from your exercises directory in your assignments directory. We'll remain within this directory the entire duration of this exercise so that we don't accidentally mess up anything. :)


Create two directories directly under terminal-practice. Name them dir-one and dir-two.

Within dir-one create three files: index.html, app.js, styles.css

Copy the contents of dir-one and put them into dir-two

cd into dir-two and rename app.js to main.js and delete styles.css

Use nano or vi to add a "Hello World" function to main.js. Add boilerplate code to index.html (doctype, html, header, and body tags) along with a script tag to main.js.