List of Resources for Outside Study

General Learning Platforms

For a fairly exhaustive list of resources that are already put together, you should definitely check out's Learning Tracks. They're guided tutorials designed to take someone from absolute beginner to full stack web developer. also has a self-guided section that is basically a list of resources available for you to use by topic.

On top of that, all V School students have free access to some really great paid learning platforms with highly produced and well-maintained materials. These resources include subscriptions to:

An explanation on how to access these documents can be found here. Specific courses from these sights will be referenced below in their respective categories.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp was originally created as a way to teach people to become Web Developers so they could help out nonprofit organizations with the development needs they have, but it's all-around a great resource for learning most of what we'll be covering in the V School Full Stack JS class. Spend time learning as much as you can about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and optionally jQuery) from here.


Another one of the most recognized free learning platforms out there is Codecademy, so feel free to check that out and see if it fits your learning style.




Understanding APIs and the Request/Response Cycle

Zapier - API Tutorial




  • - Getting Started section. They don't have great navigation between pages, so you'll need to hover over "Getting Started" in the navbar to move from section to section.
  • Udemy - Learn and Understand Node.js. (Skip ahead to the section on Express). You must be signed in to see this course - check here for instructions.

MongoDB & Mongoose for Node.js

Other Helpful Resources

Code Practice