Welcome again to V School! My name is Laney Kawaguchi and as Outcomes Director, I'll be your guide.

You're probably attending V School because you'd like to start a new job as a Web Developer or UX Designer and we think that's pretty neat! To help you on your way we've created a required series of readings and assignment to not only teach you more about how to network and job search effectively but to also help you get everything you'll need to search effectively ready to go by the end of class! That means Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, interview prep and more!

Each Monday we will share 1 or 2 blog posts on a career prep topic. Later in the week, I'll be joining your class for an interactive workshop and a brief Q&A on that week's topic. Bring questions! I've lectured on these topics and am in touch with local recruiters to keep V School up to date on the latest job searching trends.

We recommend you review the blog posts for that week prior to the workshop. All required assignments are due by the end of the course. You can submit your assignments via the Form in the Trello card or below each assignment.

Below is a syllabus of each topic you'll be covering throughout the course along with the companion assignment. You're welcome to following along with the class or to work ahead.

All of the required assignments MUST be complete and passed of by the Outcomes Director in order to officially pass your program.

I'll be announcing on Monday's the weekly topic in the V School slack #careerprep channel too. That's a great place to ask further questions on assignments, etc.

Career Prep Assignment Syllabus

Week 1: Your Story

Required Assignment:

  1. Describe what interested you in programming or UX Design and why you have a passion for it?

Submit your assignments via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrjduscG0CK8D0jX

Week 2: Networking Best Practices

Blog post: Networking: Utah Tech Meetups, Slack Teams + Conferences

Part 1

  1. Signup for Meetup.com & find a meetup to attend.

  2. Join UtahJS Slack channel & Product Hive Slack channel.

  3. Set and submit a list of 5 networking goals for this course including the meetup you will attend.

Submit your assignments via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shr1wLszUpXHwFjb7

Part 2

  1. Attend 1 meetup and submit a 150 word paragraph on what happened and what you learned there and what you would do differently next time.

Submit your assignments via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrjmcXkagoP0WSTS

Week 3: Boosting your LinkedIn

Blog post: LinkedIn.com - Tips, Tricks, How-To's

Required Assignment:

  • Submit your updated LinkedIn profile using your vanity URL.

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrJm00Lz21wAJOjS

Week 4: Resumes

Blog post: Is My Resume on Point? + Tips, Example, Templates

Required Assignment:

  • Submit a PDF of your updated resume based on the resume checklist post above.

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrNp8rteUQUbREdw

Week 5: Finding Jobs to Apply to

Blog post: Finding Jobs to Apply For: Online


  1. Go to Google and search for job in target area of choice. Setup alert for this.
  2. Submit a list of 10 different job postings from at least 3 different platforms. Job postings from slack or meetups are free game.

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrTzDwCOYQ9XQTNV

Week 6: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Blog post: - JobScan.co - Free tool for getting your resume past Applicant Tracking Systems


  1. Submit a PDF of a resume tailored to match a job posting you found last week using JobScan with a score of 20% or above

  2. Submit a copy of your JobScan.com report

Submit your assignments via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shr0kzb6l7PCbr3Sl

Week 7: Cover Letters

Blog post: What should I write in my cover letter? (Or that Email to a Real Person)

Required Assignment: Submit a Cover Letter tailored to one of the job posts you found for "Job searching best practices" following the exercise in the cover letter blog post

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shrq1QZaW6i8CSotr

Week 8: Techniques for applying to jobs

Blog posts:

Assignment: Using one of the jobs you found in "Job searching best practices" find someone to submit your resume to. List their name, company, job title and likely email address below. (If you can't find an email pattern using Huntr.io, list 5 possible email address combinations using their name)

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shraVqPcJvZ36rL8U

Week 9: Interview Preparation

Blog posts:

Assignment: After reading both posts, complete the predicting potential interview questions exercise with one of the jobs you found from "Job searching best practices". Write out and submit a document response to at least 10 of the questions you predict will be asked in an interview

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shr02E0wY9LnOdruL

Week 10: How to Get Hired & Job Offer Negotiation

Blog posts:

Assignment: Submit a 150 word paragraph on your salary research findings and benefits that are important to you. Include why these benefits are important to you.

Submit your assignment via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shro6fxl3AlyorDyC

Week 11: Job Search Plan of Action + Final Updates

Blost posts:

Required Assignments:

  1. Following the recommendations in the "Baby Steps" post, submit a document of your job search plan of action. Include a weekly schedule for how you plan to go about looking for work.

  2. Updated Story Summary

  3. Updated Resume: Submit an updated PDF of your resume including descriptions and links your web development projects and portfolio

  4. Updated LinkedIn: Submit your updated LinkedIn profile using your vanity URL below

  5. Cover Letter Template: Submit an updated cover letter or email template to use for the job hunt

  6. Submit the link to your final portfolio project

Submit your final required assignments via this Airtable Form:https://airtable.com/shr773z1P7wM6z3iT